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The eye, which is said to account for more than 80% of all information taken from the outside world, does not only play a role in being represented by the numerical value of visual acuity, but the vision that the human body and mind originally desire = comfortable. It supports our lives as a window for comfortable, relaxing and viewing.

I think that there are many people who have indefinite complaints such as glasses, contact lenses, and LASIK surgery, which are pursuing only eyesight.

We are devoting ourselves to making eyeglasses that evoke the original strength of the body through "seeing" and lead a comfortable personal life.



◆ Lens type

 [Spherical lens] Standard type lens 
[Aspherical lens] A lens that suppresses peripheral vision distortion by about 30% compared to spherical design lenses.
[Double-sided aspherical lens] A lens that suppresses peripheral vision distortion by about 10% compared to aspherical design lenses.




◆ Optional processing

 We also accept the addition of optional processing for scratch prevention coats, PC-compatible lenses, and color lenses. PC compatible lenses are for those who frequently use PCs and smartphones. Color lenses are available in sunglasses colors with an emphasis on fashion. For those who want to enjoy glasses in a wider range of fashion, you can choose according to your needs. 

◆ Scratch prevention coat

The surface of the lens can be treated to prevent scratches, making it a durable lens that is resistant to scratches. 
* Scratch prevention processing cannot be applied to Date, standard single focus lenses, standard bifocal lenses, dimming lenses, and polarized lenses. Please note.

◆ Color lens

We offer a total of 6 types of color lenses, including colors for ordinary lenses and colors for PC-compatible lenses. Please choose according to your application. 
* The color of the monitor and the color of the actual product may differ slightly depending on the environment of the customer's personal computer. Please note.

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